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Revolutionising your trampoline parks

Seamless solutions for security, IT, entertainment and innovations.

We specialise in smile-a-second technology installations that will transform your customer experience, whilst creating new profit streams, protecting your peace of mind and building your USPs.

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Reduce legal claims

Create profit streams

Build more USPs

Seamless solution

Enjoy the zen-like calm of knowing all your CCTV, security, IT and entertainment is safe in the hands of TP1, managed to the highest standards to improve profit and performance across your trampoline parks in the UK and internationally.

CCTV experts

Securing up to 12 months of HD footage

So much more than standard CCTV, our cameras record pin-sharp HD footage, stored for up to 12 months on-site, plus event storage options that can be stored in the cloud for more than three years.

And we’re now revolutionising the use of CCTV with amazing hotspot technology to highlight under-used areas of the park and help you invest more wisely in the most popular and profitable kit.

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Technology provider

Simplifying your IT systems

We’re specialists in simplicity, making IT feel easy thanks to our integration specialisms and close connections with the world's leading technology providers.

Your set-up needs to be robust, reliable and scalable, with tech systems that delight in their simplicity, efficiency and dependability. So that’s what we build – tightly-managed, state-of-the-art systems that will improve performance across your parks.

We also put valuable data in the palm of your hands via smart CRM systems that track and capture customer behaviour – enabling you to tailor future marketing, right down to the individual customer. This is even more powerful when integrated with our user-friendly EPOS systems.

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Security solution

Protecting your trampoline parks

Our intelligent access systems make cumbersome queues a thing of the past, ensuring customer numbers are optimised and park capacities controlled.

Effortless integration with CCTV and monitoring systems allows instant on-site and remote access to live streams on mobiles, tablets and computers, putting total park security in the palm of your hands.

And for complete peace of mind, we offer intruder alarm and fire detection systems that can be cleverly integrated to switch on lights, send CCTV images and trigger a police response.

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Innovations hub

Developing customer experience

We scour the world for the latest ideas and innovations that can give your parks the edge.

EXCLUSIVE! gorillavision technology

Our fully-integrated innovation from gorillavision uses state-of-the-art cameras, screens and RFID wristband technology to trigger live video capture and enable instant replays of all of the action – in-park, at home and on phone – meaning instant bragging rights whenever and wherever your customer goes.


Audiovisual specialist

Improving in-park entertainment

We’ve never followed the crowd when it comes to in-park entertainment, which means you’ll always be the envy of your closest competition with inspiring AV innovations from TP1.

Introduce new income streams with our live-stream jukebox and digital advertising screens – perfect for up-selling in-park offers and products to your customers.

Take advantage of the viral potential of in-built social sharing, or the jaw-dropping, adrenaline-inducing effects of our lighting and display systems – making sure your customers are jumping with joy.

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International partner

Supporting your European growth

Whether your growth ambitions are domestic or global, we have UK and European support hubs to ensure every new park features the same high-spec tech and market-leading innovations, with a world of seamless integrations delivered by a single company.

One partner. A world of opportunities.

That’s the power of TP1.

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Ready for revolution? Talk to TP1.

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