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Latest Information Technology

Information Technology is the hub of every business. As new, faster and more powerful technologies are developed on such a frequent basis, companies can be easily left behind by not updating old and outdated systems. Our wealth of experience ensures our clients install the right IT solutions to cater for all their business requirements, now and in the future.

Why install IT Solutions?

Information Technology is a vital piece of any business’ operational infrastructure. Ensuring you have the correct and most up-to-date systems is essential to maintain any aspect of business activity. We have years of experience in providing our clients with the IT solutions to fit their business requirements and growth strategies.

IT Support?

We understand your business. Our business is IT. Therefore, we provide around the clock IT support 365 days a year. This gives our clients peace of mind that their crucial IT hub is constantly protected.

IT Integration?

Information Technology is not just about having a computer or network of computers. Our team specialises in a wide field of systems, ranging from communications, server, access control, entertainment, CCTV and much, much more.

The key benefits we deliver are not just reliable and dependable support, but also the ability to take ownership of the requirements across multi-electronic systems.

Before we opened our new offices, Control provided us with comprehensive advice on what IT systems we needed which catered for all our operational requirements from taking customer orders online to providing staff with secure remote access.

Client Testimonial

IT Solutions

Ensure your Information Technology systems and infrastructure is up to the job.

New Technology

As IT systems are constantly being updated and improved, it is essential that a business keeps it's IT infrastructure up-to-date

Peace of Mind

We know our clients are experts in their own business sectors. We are experts in IT and provide clients with around the clock IT support

Hybrid Solutions

There are so many additional factors which link to an IT infrastructure. Therefore, we provide comprehensive advice on combining multiple systems to match your business requirements


Over-engineering is as sinful as under-engineering, and you always have our commitment that we will design the best solution, taking into account existing infrastructure, available budget, operational requirements with an ever keen eye on the scalability and growth.

24/7/365 Support

Around the clock remote support ensuring connectivity and up-time is becoming more and more critical to our client operations as their service levels to their client increase


Control Cloud puts you in control of your business. An integrated suite of products for performing business online, tried and tested to be ‘Best in Class’ and designed specifically for the challenges SMEs have in a communication driven market.

Install the right IT solutions

  • 34% Increase in Client's Business Efficiency
  • 86% First time fix

We supply a number of other great solutions

Our solutions are great as a standalone but even better when you integrate with one another.

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

How We Work Discover

Suitable industries

No matter what industry sector you are in, if you use Information Technology, then you will need IT advice and support. Our clients range from start-ups through to SMEs and Blue-chip organisations where we provide IT advice and support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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