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State of the art Entertainment Solutions

Engaging with your clients through high quality entertainment technology significantly improves a customer's experience when visiting your venue. Whether you own a high class wine bar or a state of the art fitness gym, having the facility to entertain customers with music and videos will enhance your customer service.

Why install Entertainment Solutions?

Since the beginning of mankind, music has been a form of entertainment. In more recent years, music videos and interactive media solutions have become prominent. All kinds of entertainment systems provide customer satisfaction.

Satisfied Customers

It goes without saying that satisfied customers are good customers. They will want to return to your venue, speak to friends and colleagues about your services and are likely to increase the amount they spend with you.

Entertainment for Everyone

By installing our Entertainment solutions, you can reach your whole spectrum of customers, no matter what age they are. Our media solutions include Freeview, Sky, Virtual Jukeboxes and shared music library systems, with specifications customised for the intended operation and usage.

Since Control installed our Entertainment systems, the feedback from our visitors has been fantastic.

Client Testimonial

Entertainment Solutions

Installing our Entertainment Solutions provides ultimate customer satisfaction across the board.

Customer Satisfaction

Every Client who has employed our Entertainment solution has received positive feedback from customers and members.


Using Entertainment Solutions is a fantastic way to engage with clients and members and results in reduced cancellation rates and increased visitors.

Network Management

Entertainment systems are moving towards the Network supply route. Therefore, installing a state of the art network management system brings our clients to the forefront of technology.

Licensing Compliance

Licensing compliance is drawn into all system designs taking into consideration governing bodies, such as PPL, PRS and corporate dubbing licences which are often overlooked.


Our systems lend themselves perfectly for home cinema and audio solutions.

Installing our Entertainment Solutions

  • 92% Customer Satisfaction Increase
  • 96% Client Satisfaction Increase
  • 91% Increase site ambiance
25 customers

We supply a number of other great solutions

Our solutions are great as a standalone but even better when you integrate with one another.

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

How We Work Discover

Suitable industries

Entertainment Solutions are suitable for a wide range of industries ranging from wine bars and restaurants right through to hospital waiting rooms. Installing music and video entertainment systems offers visitors to your place of business a social and relaxing environment.

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