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Gain vital intelligence and customer behaviour insight

We have provided hundreds of clients with the perfect CRM and EPOS systems, either as standalone products or as a fully integrated solution. Combining the two together provides a business with information to expand and innovate, opening the doors to targeted marketing opportunities and smarter stock control.

Why install CRM Solutions?

CRM solutions enable businesses to be efficient in their day to day activity. As a standalone product it facilitates activities such as accounting services, data base control, direct debits, client correspondence and access control.

Why install EPOS Solutions?

Having a robust and user friendly Electronic Point Of Sale system not only ensures your business carries out and monitors sales efficiently but it allows you to monitor a client’s cultural pattern.

Why integrate CRM and EPOS Solutions?

Collecting and monitoring information on your customer’s activity provides essential data for marketing purposes. Following spending trends means you can target promotions in the most productive way. Knowing what items are frequently being purchased by clients allows you to carry out efficient stock control.

Having a software system which caters for all aspects of my business requirements and provides me with all the management information I need has helped me considerably. In addition, collecting data on my clients spending trends has helped me expand the company.

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CRM and EPoS Features

It is vital for any business, no matter how small or how large to ensure they have a robust software and hardware system in place.

CRM systems

Enables efficient day to day business activity such as accounting, data base control, direct debits, client correspondence and access control.

EPOS systems

Allows efficient transactions for consumer purchases and financial security for both business and client as well as collecting data on clients cultural spend for marketing purposes and efficient stock control.

Using CRM and EPOS smartly

  • 73% Enhancing customer engagement
  • 24% Increase in Stock Control Efficiency

We supply a number of other great solutions

Our solutions are great as a standalone but even better when you integrate with one another. Our Technicians offer advice on how to create a solution that fits with the exact requirements of your business.

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

How We Work Discover

Suitable industries

CRM and EPOS are a vital piece of any business' operational infrastructure. Ensuring you can record, monitor and utilise a robust system to carry out your day to day running of the business is essential. By installing an intelligent and innovative system allows you to monitor a customer's or member's cultural trend and target marketing campaigns accordingly.

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