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Cutting Edge Access Control Technology

We have installed numerous Access Control Solutions across Europe, ranging from standard card swipe systems to the latest in biometrics installations including facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition technology. We have the expertise and experience in specifying the right solutions for your unique business needs.

Why install Access Control Solutions?

It is essential for any business ensure that people entering their property have the correct authorisation to do so. Even when staff or visitors are on the premises, you may have restricted areas which need to be secure. Using our solutions enables you to control who has access to each designated area within your property and allows you to monitor human activity.

Proactive and Reactive Access Control Solutions

For some clients, we provide proactive solutions which physically stop entry without authentication.  However, in today’s world of customer service and different operational requirements, we have a number of reactive solutions.  This can be in the form of sending notification to management or a remote monitoring station, if entry has been breached by an unauthorised person, allowing management to react and approach the offender.

Hybrid Solutions

We know it is rare for “one” solution to fit all requirements. Therefore, we have a range of products which, with our wealth of experience, can provide a holistic solution to cater for your needs. We regularly integrate CRM and EPOS solutions with our Client’s Access Control systems.

Our Biometric solutions include state of the art technology such as Facial Recognition, Iris Recognition, Finger Recognition and Vein Recognition.

Our Non-Biometric solutions include systems such as PIN pads, Proximity Cards and recorders, Proximity Fobs and reorders, Barcodes and Magnetic Strips.

Over the past two years our company has grown from strength to strength. Having Control install the state of the art access control systems has allowed us to expand our staffing levels whilst having the peace of mind that our client sensitive data can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Client Testimonial

Access Control Features

It is vital for any business, no matter how small or how large to ensure they can control and manage who gains access to their property.

Biometric Systems

Use cutting edge technology such as Biometric solutions to ensure high level access control

Access Control Solutions

Identify authorised personnel entering and operating on your premises

Hybrid Solutions

Ensure every aspect of your property and the contents within are secure by installing multiple solutions tailored for your requirements

Restricted Areas

You can control who has access to your restricted areas or sensitive data

Reduce the likely hood of crime on your property

Installing the correct solutions will deter criminal activity on and within your property

Access Control Statistics

  • 94% Membership loss prevention
  • 97% Controlling visitor entry
  • 84% Decrease receptionist staffing
Data taken from 33 Control Group Clients from the Leisure and Fitness Industries within the period April 2014 to September 2014

We supply a number of other great solutions

Our solutions are great as a standalone but even better when you integrate with one another.

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

How We Work Discover

Suitable industries

Access control is needed for nearly every aspect of business or industry to ensure not only the security of the property and its contents but to provide safety for the occupants. In addition to the business sector, access control plays a vital role in securing residential properties both private and rental. For the older generation, being secure is a huge peace of mind.

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