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Our solutions deliver real results

Although our solutions vary in technology and industry sector, the business outcomes are nearly always the same.

Loss Prevention

Most businesses have an annual forecast & budget, using the retail sector as an example, they have numerous product lines to deliver at a pre-determined volume, rate & overhead, therefore, projecting an annual gross profit. Anything that falls short of this is a loss, or commonly known as ‘shrink’.

Loss prevention mitigates shrink and is a key driver in all our system designs. Although very common in the ‘retail sector’ this applies across a number of industry sectors.


EPOS, CCTV, Access control, Stock Management, Data control, Secure networking, are all examples of the tools we use in implementing an in-house loss prevention system design & solution.

Such solutions aid the management and prevention of theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, or misconduct, and assist in proactive operational efficiency. UK retailers lost £3.4 billion to retail crime and error in the last year.

Asset Management

Asset management, broadly defined, refers to any system that protects items of value to an entity or group.

Asset Management is a key business initiative that is factored into all our system designs and is fundamental objective that benefits our clients.


The type of systems we use are access control, CCTV, data management, secured networking and 24/7 monitoring.

The focus to fulfil this initiative is not just anti-theft and vandalism protocols, it is also maintenance management tools and reporting

Operational Efficiency

We are continuously seeking operational efficiency from innovation and technology, whether it be a stand-alone CCTV system or a customised business package.

Data integration can be the most effective means of creating efficiency. Passing key data from one system such as stock management to another system can reduce resource requirements in areas such as administration or


accountancy. Our in-house software writers have the expertise required to ensure a seamless flow of data between varying systems.

Our intuitive system designs allow client’s to benefit from the technology at the same time as gathering vital business intelligence that enables them to make informed marketing decisions based on realtime data.

Liability Management

Liability management is another key business initiative we factor into all of our system designs. The obvious definition of liability management is the practice of managing risks that arise due to mismatches between the assets and liabilities. However, here at Control, it can mean much more, in terms of the wellbeing of customers, or alike, in a business operation, or family members in your home environment.

In business, the liabilities are everywhere, and understanding the operations health and safety procedures is critical in ensuring good practices and


maximising the efficiency of the electronic systems, as these can provide some of the most effective management tools.

Some of the systems we use for such initiatives are access control, CCTV, CRM and personnel management systems, secured networking and data control, 24/7 monitoring and software integration.