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Delivering retail intelligence, efficiencies and loss prevention

We have been working across Europe with in the retail sector for both high street and warehouse retailers for many years. We help our customers operate more efficiently, reducing shrinkage through innovation, intelligence and technology. We give you the power to inform, control and protect and in doing so, give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

Delivering operational efficiency and loss prevention

Our expertise in delivering fully managed solutions ensures increased operational efficiencies, loss prevention, asset management and business intelligence to inform better marketing decision.

Gain customer intelligence

We ensure that all technologies are connected. That the process of sharing intelligence and analysing the data to inform and make better business decisions is readily available to our customers. It’s a key value of Control Group.

Better business intelligence gives our customer valuable insights into customer behaviour, increasing marketing effectiveness and enhancing customer experience. Increased profitability drives business growth which leads to further investments with in the infrastructure, further fuelling our partnership.

Increase operational efficiency

Through the reduction of ‘shrinkage’ and the protection of inventory and monies, our customers enjoy higher levels of profitability. CCTV, CRM, Access Control systems and EPoS all connecting and sharing valuable data allowing your business to operate with┬áthe intelligence to inform, protect and control.

With increased levels of automation and communication between all systems, staffing efficiencies can be made so your staff can work smarter and impact the business in areas where you need them the most. Bringing efficiencies that add real business value.


Benefits to your business at a glance

Control Group have been pivotal in consulting and developing our loss prevention program. Our international retail chain has seen a year on year reduction in the loss of inventory which has driven operational efficiencies and increased profit.
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The technology edge

Being able to succeed in business isn't just about making the right decisions. It's about having the right IT. Companies that win at IT, usually win at business.

Increase profitability
CCTV, CRM and EPoS all communicating to help drive loss prevention and increasing profitability.
Better business intelligence
Market more effectively and give your customers a tailored product through loyalty schemes.
Increase security
Protect your staff, customers and revenue by implementing 24/7 CCTV monitoring.
Increased operational efficiency
Implement technologies that allow your staff to be more effective in delivering profitability.
The technology edge

We deliver solutions to inform, control and protect

We have been helping retail sector achieve competitive advantage through the use of technology for many years. Our clients range from high street retailers to warehouse distributors. The common goal of these businesses is scalability, loss prevention and increased operational efficiencies. The types of systems we commonly deliver are:

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

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