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Residential Security that offers customers piece of mind

We have been safeguarding our client homes for many years. The need for discretion and privacy for you and your family whilst delivering the highest levels of security is our no.1 priority, so every residential security plan is tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs by providing a complete security package that is discreet and non-intrusive.

Making residential properties safe and secure

With increasing levels of residential theft, aggravated burglaries and even kidnappings, there is a growing number of clients who require enhanced security for their homes. We deliver a fully integrated home security solution giving your property the maximum level of protection whilst being non-intrusive and offering you and your family the privacy you desire.

Safer living environments

Our Domus Control solution delivers the highest levels of residential security and incorporate varying levels of access control so gaining access to the property is controlled. Secure gated areas and biometric locks to gain access to the house ensure only authorised people can gain access to the property.

All our systems come with two way audio mobile phone integration and our alarm systems are able to pinpoint intruder zones that have been breached. Central monitoring is also available with a range of options available to you our customers from fully monitored to external perimeter services.

Enhanced living experiences

Our Access Control and CCTV solutions are aimed at creating safer living environments.

State of the art entertainment systems and online security

Our full home automation systems include lighting, heating, TV, as well as security. Our IT solutions allow manageable web restrictions throughout your home for individual family members or chosen devices. Initiatives, like “unfriendly websites” filtering and general website control are key, as the need for browsing has become a necessity, but safe browsing is critical.


Benefits to your business at a glance

We wanted to boost the level of security within our property shortly after the birth of our child. Due to my husband being away regularly with work we needed the added security. Control have installed, state of the art security with 24/7 perimeter monitoring which has made me feel at ease.
Client Testimonial

Love where you live

Feeling secure in your home is paramount for any homeowner. Your family is more valuable than any material possession but we can ensure both your family and property are safe with unobtrusive solutions.

Access Control
We provide high quality, beautiful entry gates to your property.
Two Way Audio and Visual
As well as state of the art telecom systems, our solutions are integrated with smartphone, tablet and laptop technologies allowing you to control your home security wherever you may be.
Alarm Integration
Our solutions allows you to secure and monitor every area within your grounds from the perimeters of your garden to each individual room in the property.
Response Security
We have various levels of Response Security available from telephone alerts, private security to Police response.
Love where you live

We deliver solutions to inform, control and protect

We have been safeguarding residential homes create safer more enjoyable environments for people to live in through the use of technology for many years. Our aim is to ensure the safety of our customer and their family within the property. The types of systems we use to help meet operational and safety needs are:

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

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