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Creating safer leisure environments and delivering loss prevention

The leisure industry is a place where people go to unwind and relax with their friends to have a good time. We build unobtrusive security solutions that do not affect the atmosphere of your leisure venue, creating environments where your customers can feel safe and relaxed. We also supply solutions that deliver operational efficiencies from licencing legislation compliance through to crowd and door control.

Delivering operational efficiency and safe guarding customers

The only common denominator between all our leisure industry clients is that their operation, procedures and complete product offering are unique to their business. Therefore, the customisation and integration procedures that carries out on all designs, is as critical as the IP (intellectual property) within these organisations.

Increase operating profit

Our integrated EPoS and CCTV system can increase your retail security and help raise your operational profits. See the trend in related thefts with analytical features for highlighting potential staff problems.

With advanced, state of the art systems, we are now able to supply a solution that will not only record your customers and staff but at the same time collect vital information from your Epos system and tie it all together to help reduce fraudulent transactions.


Safeguard your customers

Our Cater Control systems help your Health and Safety operations, ensure you are operating within your licencing legislation requirements and help control the number of entrants via door control which is vital for insurance purposes.

People counting solutions are also vital safeguarding customers as well as providing critical analyst data records for a department, such as accountancy.


Benefits to your business at a glance

As entry control and not exceeding the number of people in our club, restricted by our insurance policy, is vital for us to manage, having Control design and install their systems has made the management of this so much easier.
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Products supplied

Our extensive experience and knowledge within the leisure sector allows us to customise designs for individual business needs. Our products are wide ranging and are great as standalone, but even better when combined to deliver operational efficiencies.

Access Control
We offer a range of access control solutions from biometric technology to more traditional card swipe systems
EPoS integration
EPoS and CCTV integration reduces fraudulent transactions and acts as a prevention solution
CCTV monitoring and installation
We provide 24/7 security monitoring ensuring customers are kept safe
Media Solutions
We help you keep your customers entertained whilst visiting your leisure facility. Music and video solutions with full licensing options are available
IT Support and Hardware
Our partnerships with software and hardware suppliers reduces the need for multiple supplier relationships and reduces overall costs
Products supplied

We deliver solutions to inform, control and protect

We have been providing a consultative service to the leisure industry to create safer environments for customer and to deliver increased profits through technology innovation. Our clients range from bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels to nightclubs. The types of systems we use to help meet operational and safety needs are:

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

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