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Creating intelligent and secure places within the health sector

We enable healthcare establishments across Europe to operate more efficiently and help them run safer, more operationally efficient hospitals and clinics through innovation, intelligence and technology. We give them the power to inform, control and protect and in doing so, help create safer working environments where staff and patients are safe.

Creating safer working environments within the healthcare sector

Our sector expertise in delivering fully managed solutions ensures increased operational efficiencies, loss prevention, asset management and business intelligence, creating safer environments in which to give patient care.

Increased staff and patient security

It is vitally important that hospitals control access for staff and patients. In certain areas such as operating theatres, it is critical that only authorised personal are granted access. Our Biometric Access Control solutions provide this level of security. CCTV monitoring and Lone Worker Solutions provide real-time security, providing protection for both staff and patient.

Secured networking

It is imperative that a Hospitals IT infrastructure is secure and resilient, not only for the day to day operational functions, but also for patient data protection.

With a range of other activities also being heavily reliant on the network, having an IT support company that can promise high level (99%) SLA’s is vital.


Benefits to your business at a glance

Since introducing Lone Worker technology within the clinic, our staff feel safer within the work place. The CCTV system and monitoring is now more visible and has put staff and patients at ease in the knowledge that they are safe.
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Products supplied

We work with numerous software partners and licensed products to supply the health sector with solutions that drive operational efficiency and create safer working environments. Not all our solutions are based on multi-system integration. Some are very effective as stand-alone products.

Access Control
We offer a range of access control solutions from biometric technology to more traditional card swipe systems
Lone Worker
CCTV and audio recorder hardware that is small enough to wear on your uniform/garment
Our electronic point of sale solutions work smartly to drive efficiencies and provide intelligence
CCTV monitoring
CCTV monitoring is as critical within healthcare environments and can act as a safe guard for both staff and patient
IT Support and Hardware
Our partnerships with software and hardware suppliers reduces the need for multiple supplier relationships and reduces costs
Products supplied

We deliver solutions to inform, control and protect

We have been helping the healthcare sector create safer working environments and drive efficiencies through the use of technology for many years. Our clients range from small clinics to major hospitals throughout Europe. The types of systems we use to help meet operational and safety needs are:

How we work with you

We listen to the needs of our customers to truly understand their requirements and this allows us to design and develop solutions based on specific business needs. We believe this is the blueprint for success.

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