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The market competitiveness of M&W


Author: Stuart Fannon, MD Control Group InternationalOur M&W scheme represents great market value and is very competitively priced. Your monthly premium is carefully calculated and there are many indicators which inform our pricing. For example, every product we specify is valuated prior to installation according to the following criteria:•  Product robustness – we review/test the

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A day in the life of a Client Account Manager


Vish has developed a strong skill base by working in the customer service industry before becoming a client account manager at Control Group. Vish’s experiences have enabled him to build a strong client base throughout our industries in a short space of time.To download the full interview click here. 

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How Smart Is Your CCTV?


Does your security do anything? Or is it all for show?So, you’ve just installed your new CCTV and security system, you can see every square foot of your site on your new flat screen monitor and it looks modern and great. But… how much does it actually do, how hard is your system working? Do

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Interviewing new employees at Control Group


In this post, we want to give you an understanding of what it’s like being a new starter at Control Group. We’ve interviewed four of our new staff; Megan, Michael, Reuben and Szymon who each joined the company over the last few months. Megan is an apprentice in the HR department, Michael is a trainee account

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A day in the life of a Project Engineer


We have a great team here at Control Group and we want to make sure that we tell you about them! So, in the first of a series of posts that will focus on what our staff do and how they do it, we introduce Sam! Sam is one of our most experienced engineers and

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Jump to it – how to improve safety in trampoline parks


The trampoline park industry has experienced massive global expansion in recent years and the UK has enjoyed its fair share of that growth. It is easy to see why the pastime is so popular with parks offering wall-to-wall bouncing fun for both children and adults. But the activity is not without risk, and accidents –

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The Future is Here: Cloud Based Access Control


In terms of advancement in the access control space, 2015 is expected to be a big year for cloud based solutions. Whilst its clear that there are a still a number of reservations over the clouds current ability to provide the neccessary responsiveness, uptime and security demanded by end users, the overriding benefits and cost

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Access Control in Gartner’s 2015 Technology Trends Report.


Access Control Included In Garters Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015. As the dawn of a new year approaches and everyone looks forward to the next generation of technological innovation, leading tech advisory company Gartner have announced their top trends to watch out for in 2015. The research concentrates on three key themes, the merging

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The power of Big Data in the Fitness Sector


BIG DATA. Its a phrase we all know, and has without doubt been one of the marketing buzz words of the last few years. The reason: big data really matters. We believe that whoever comes out top in their IT, (and utilises the resulting data effectively to drive improvement), generally comes out on top in

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The power of Social WiFi


Your marketing team are busy people, writing Facebook and Twitter posts, composing and sending emails. Are they also sourcing costly blanket advertising opportunities or using unverified email data purchased in bulk? Our system takes the guesswork out of marketing. All data collected is fully accurate from customers who are already inside your venue. Relevancy to

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